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The Not-So-Great

- leaving Seriously Important kit on site because I am an idiot. Really hoping it turns up in lost property.
- Knowing mates of mine weren't having a great time and not being able to help
- Repeatedly forgetting to bring OC cash onto the field when I actually did want to eat
- Feet being eaten by boots, kit-rig killing spine. The usual.

The Awesome

- Finally getting that bloody potion. "...But why are you a wemic again?"
- Oddest alliances, and potentially some very very fun DT from that
- Backstory turning up in play and all the awesome roleplay that went into that.
- "He just named you as a character witness" and why trusting pirates is a bad plan.
- Flembic Lower City truth or dare
- "...She asked you on a date?"
- Huntress Church politics, and finding out why Mal is quite as crazy as he is.
- The Tritoni. Just...the Tritoni.
- Upsetting the continent is a bad plan, turns out
- Hand-holding during surgery
- Singing in the Scholars, for all my throat stopped me joining in as much as I'd've liked.
- Confusing the Inquisitor. Repeatedly.
- Essen's suggestion of exactly who should go off and make babies, and the reactions.
- Having several things explained as very very bad plans and completely blanking it
- 'So say we all!' Finally think I've found the point of supplications.
- Being looked for by a dangerous native heretic....because they owed me a coffee.
- Happiest declaration of war ever.
- Being handed some wonderfully traumatising physrepness - thank you, Gracewing :P
- Realising several ways next event might go which would lead to the outcome that would be awesome.
- OC, being able to put my kit on whilst stood up. Tent = best £20 investment of the event.
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