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(Yes, this is very late.)

So. Dark Tempus is awesome, you should definitely go to it. Yes, you. Sci-fi post-apocalyptic survival horror with a pretty damn shiny world and some epic epic skills (and some really awesome people). Go. Do that thing.

- kit wasn't entirely finished
- people not quite getting that you ask before trying to remove someone's shirt
- spending a wee bit too much of the event zonked out due to Heal side-effects (which they've now changed, so)
- that's about it. Seriously.
- Oh, and it's way too long 'til the next one.

- pretty much everything
- being part of House Kerensky: most competent and sarky bunch of mad dieselpunk space vampires
- Seer powers. Ohgods Seer powers.
- getting to freak people out just by existing at them. Shay is loveliest corpseface seventeen-year-old psyker
- Seeker bait
- pool table divination
- the mercy kill. Actual tears were shed, on all sides
- 'Pattern Sierra, pattern Sierra! Go dark!' and standing in the pitch black waiting for the hyperintelligent zombies we couldn't kill to show up
- finding out said hyperintelligent zombies could talk. Even if they had to use the vocal cords of our dead friend to do so
- everything about the techplague
- Portia's determination to go around dying all over the place - so very much roleplay out of that
- 'Do you think blight corpses can climb trees?'
- being inside the bar in the dark, hearing the zombies scraping at the walls
- effective scouting, to the point Shay managed to surprise most of his own squad
- walking out into the zombie-filled darkness, in the snow, to go find a land-mine
- getting a warning vision in the middle of combat
- the whole damn game. So So So Fucking Awesome.

- pick up more kitpieces, and possibly shift to slightly lighter boots
- keep roleplaying the fuck out of Warnings, work out what we're doing with the new Heal
- remember that chemicals don't work on us. And chemicals includes painkillers. And Shay is seventeen and very much a kid. (So used to playing very stoic older characters the idea of actually reacting beyond swearing/quiet moaning/unconscious didn't occur. Given the medical roleplay and the fact painkillers actually exist in-setting and have mechanical benefit, allowing Shay to actually react like a real kid to being clawed up/shot might well be an idea. And be horribly traumatising.)
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