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Because I've still not enough of a handle on the system for separated reports, and am also a lazy bastard.

- the weather, the weather, the sodding bloody weather
- E2 eating my tent
- Not finding headspace until halfway through E1, and still not massively connected in with the character as of end of E2 (it'll come, it's just trickier than normal)
- event being just slightly too big for comfort (though again I think that'll ease off with time)
- couple of instances of homophobia and sexism which I really could have done without overhearing (again, will hopefully ease off with time and people calling it out when it happens)
- getting chemical burns on my face at E2 from makeup malfunction. If you are putting something on someone's skin, ask first.
- a few people being stupidly metagamey about traumatic wounds. If you can see a wee white card in a belt-pouch/someone's hand but the person's not RPing being wounded, you shouldn't be able to somehow magically tell they've picked up a traumatic wound. Especially when it's one with a time-delay on the noticeable symptoms.

- atmosphere by E2: place is starting to feel a wee bit more like a real world.
- getting to RP with awesomepeople, which in turn is really helping make headspace happen.
- running the triage station: barking orders and having people actually follow them is new to me.
- getting actual briarface on at E2, plus starting to get the '...I have no idea what you're doing, but keep on doing it' reaction to Jack for the first time.
- IC romantic-interest. Both big and clever XD
- Marcher football at E2. So so much fun.
- Traumatic wounds. Allll the traumatic wounds :D :D :D
- getting shouty about things.
- the battles. Was not convinced before E1, but they work really really nicely.
- will add more when I think of them
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