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- the bloody weather
- tent leaking (and being cramped, and generally being crap. Probably bringing the blue tent and appropriate IC-coverings next event)
- OCpainfail making it difficult/impossible to do things that needed doing IC
- the wall splitting the game a wee bit too much for interestingness
- learning that several people aren't planning on coming back (though can definitely understand why)
- losing my gloves
- failing at food
- boredom (though thankfully not enough to ruin my game)


- Ohgodsalltheangst
- No, seriously. All the angst.
- Flame as a coping mechanism (and the rush of people coming over just too late to stop me taking the damn thing)
- "Lord Angel, can I ask you something?" and the epic accidental foreshadowing
- Blood. So much blood (religion, mourning, being hit in the face by an eidolon...)
- "Do not let me have that back tonight."
- Bursting the stitches on my hand at least three times (plus stitching myself up whilst in the middle of a conversation)
- WEMICFACE. (So so much fun. Seriously considering doing that again.)
- And, coming hot on the heels of the above, having to relearn how to walk again thanks to tail.
- Finding the Important Religious Knife when I thought I'd lost it OC.
- Singing and drinking in the Scholars tent.
- Random hugs/arm-over-shoulders/general sympathy about various FOIP (which was far more appreciated IC than I OC thought it would be)
- Stalking around inside the palisade with blades drawn, hissing at people
- "If you kill yourself..." (and the flood of emotions that went with that conversation)
- "We're Malathian. It's what we do."
- Making new friends, catching up with old ones.
- "How does it feel to be a member of the most blessed race?"
- Being helped by an eidolon and several bloody important people to fulfil a goal that, in the game as a whole, was not really that big.
- Being able to walk around pretty much the entire festival, despite technically having committed at least one capital crime. Being unknown has its advantages.
- A surprising amount of Feelings about Flambard, not all of them complimentary.
- Having a damn good reason to keep going to festivals.


- Getting sympathy from completely unexpected people
- Being dragged into the shrine and made to sit there and be quiet until half the dose of Flame'd worn off (and the conversations that happened in there)
- A certain group of NPCs, and the angst that resulted from talking to them.
- Being hauled up in front of my commanding officer on my first proper day under her command for being rude to a Flembic (and complaining bitterly about it for the rest of the festival)
- Sitting and drinking in the Lower City with Caillen (and the inevitable comparisons to Nordon)
- Finally going to the Daggers
- Actually getting back to a wee bit of the nastier side of Mal's personality, for once.
- Rope-related shenanigans.
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Date/Time: 2012-04-10 21:13 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile] gracewing.livejournal.com
Don't forget having accidental light fingers! Next time Rachida'll buy Mal a drink in the Daggers. ;)



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