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Because I've still not enough of a handle on the system for separated reports, and am also a lazy bastard.

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(Yes, this is very late.)

So. Dark Tempus is awesome, you should definitely go to it. Yes, you. Sci-fi post-apocalyptic survival horror with a pretty damn shiny world and some epic epic skills (and some really awesome people). Go. Do that thing.

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Yes, I know it's late. In my defence, character death.

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- OC tent flooding, meaning OC clothing and phone both got massively waterlogged (and phone now does not work)
- overhearing some homophobic/generally uncomfortable comments
- spinefail

- Awesome group being awesome and leaving me feeling like one of them very very quickly
- Adrenaline rush from arena battles
- Roleplay with other groups, and an IC allegiance-switch possibly coming up
- Pile of corsairs being told bedtime stories by a Persian
- "I'm not doing it without you"
- Being asked several times if I wanted a wife (and once if I wanted a husband)
- IC sexuality confusion is big and clever
- Battle librarians
- Pillars roleplay and "Goat, Not-A-Goat"
- A very specific set of criteria for a blessing
- Getting to talk IC religion with many peoples
- The quest. Oh gods, the quest.
- Just...everything. Awesome awesome system. Very definitely playing it again.
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Which is not to say I/we haven't been doing stuff - far from it, in fact. We've been so bloody busy with things (and brainweasels, sad-to-say, but let's not dwell on that bit) that updating's slightly fallen by the wayside. So , this time you get two event reports instead of one.

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