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I'm used to making sure I carry at least some painkillers, in case of migraines.

I'm not used to making sure I carry my/Mal's cane, in case of leg/spine flare-ups.

I'm used to the saliva-tasting-bitter, nausea, dizziness, and eye pain group of warning signs.

I'm not used to the numbness, 'cold' stabbing pain in my shin, slowly building uncomfortableness in my lumbar spine, and shooting pain down my side group of warning signs.

Huzzah for new and exciting ways my body fucks up at me.

I suppose it's a fair trade for the vomiting-inducingly painful stomach-aches, though.
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 So....we have a shiny new kitbag (please excuse mess in photo, room is untidy): 

It's tall enough to take a good pair of boots, and can fit pretty much all Mal's kit that's here (which is all of it minus the Sam Browne, tricorn, cane, and other things that he wears/carries) with room left over for food, underwear, socks, OC first aid kit, water and so forth. 

And, what's more, it actually doubles as a relatively good OC bag for me, and one which doesn't kill my spine. 

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 If you ever bloody suggest that being a surgeon/physician/healer in any LARP system is a) cowardice, b) 'feminine'* or c) slacking off/not really roleplaying, please don't be surprised if we decide that your face and our fist need to make acquaintances. 

- Finn and Mal (both rather irritated at assumptions made on certain forums)

*This is a personal thing of mine. Call me a girl, feminine, 'she' or anything of the sort, and I will hurt you.  - Finn
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 I'd probably fence more if I had a sabre. I don't fence enough to warrant buying a sabre. 
...I want a sabre. I would love it and pet it and call it George*

Well, not 'George'. Something a deal more sword-name like than George. But it would have a name

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 I am sitting here in half my LARP kit, wondering why my suitcase for going home has all my clean socks in it, and cursing the fact that I can't do any washing before 2pm tomorrow. 

...I hate house viewings. 

[Mal is also here, though he's more grumbling about the scarring in our left earlobe and poking me about going to bed. Hypocrite.]
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This song has been stuck in my head for an hour and a half now. 

This may or may not be due to the fact that the kitchen is full of British Gas people and thus I have yet to do the washing up before the house viewing that is happening in two hours. 

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Okay, so.

Other writings first, as they're the newest: my dA now houses my #100themes for Black Roses. If you like the BR lot and wanted to see more of 'em, head over and check it out. 

Runaway Tales pieces being what they are, and my brain being what it is, I decided to make up a bit of a set of timelines of the pieces, just to keep 'em all in order (and maybe get people reading some of 'em~). So, here we go (unless stated otherwise, assume these are around PG/PG-13rated):

(Also includes collaborative 'verses with [profile] jai_takes_over , whose most excellent writings can be found here <3)

[Also note that these were posted under my old account, [livejournal.com profile] guil_solo 

Saranados )

Black Roses )

Last World Without )

Moonshine and Dice )

Scribes )

Other )