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Because I've still not enough of a handle on the system for separated reports, and am also a lazy bastard.

Froth and FOIPish below cut, as per )
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Yes, I know I'm missing an ODC report here. It may happen. Eventually.

Froth and FOIPish below cut, as per )
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- OC tent flooding, meaning OC clothing and phone both got massively waterlogged (and phone now does not work)
- overhearing some homophobic/generally uncomfortable comments
- spinefail

- Awesome group being awesome and leaving me feeling like one of them very very quickly
- Adrenaline rush from arena battles
- Roleplay with other groups, and an IC allegiance-switch possibly coming up
- Pile of corsairs being told bedtime stories by a Persian
- "I'm not doing it without you"
- Being asked several times if I wanted a wife (and once if I wanted a husband)
- IC sexuality confusion is big and clever
- Battle librarians
- Pillars roleplay and "Goat, Not-A-Goat"
- A very specific set of criteria for a blessing
- Getting to talk IC religion with many peoples
- The quest. Oh gods, the quest.
- Just...everything. Awesome awesome system. Very definitely playing it again.
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Which is not to say I/we haven't been doing stuff - far from it, in fact. We've been so bloody busy with things (and brainweasels, sad-to-say, but let's not dwell on that bit) that updating's slightly fallen by the wayside. So , this time you get two event reports instead of one.

Player event - D3 )

Ornithocracy: Act 1 )
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- First ever LARP injury (nosebleed, courtesy of a sword in the face. Fast night-fighting, so only to be expected, very apologetic player, and no lasting damage)

- Experience fighting in partial clank, chain and leather. Chain surprisingly easy to fight in, clank not so much (though did get complimented on the look), leather easiest, lightest and most comfortable -  confirmed that this is what we want for Mal (and Mordecai, if he ever hits play in any system).

- Experience fighting with sword, mace, and claws. Claw-fighting fun as hell, if tiring. Mace tricky to use. Sword not as difficult as had thought it would be, but need more practice getting past shields and polearms. Managed a wee bit of parrying and dodging, though.

- NPC plot! Accidental NPC plot that was not part of any brief (given was playing a random unbriefed character), but NPC plot nonetheless. Am very much hoping I get to bring my nice religiously confused Lordite back as an NPC this coming year. 

- A ton of bruises, scratches and aches (plus what I think might be a slight rope-burn). Well, Mal's hitting play at Maelstrom fresh from 90 days of campaign, so. 

- The knowledge that I definitely want to monster for this system next year, if work allows it (if I get work). 
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 If you ever bloody suggest that being a surgeon/physician/healer in any LARP system is a) cowardice, b) 'feminine'* or c) slacking off/not really roleplaying, please don't be surprised if we decide that your face and our fist need to make acquaintances. 

- Finn and Mal (both rather irritated at assumptions made on certain forums)

*This is a personal thing of mine. Call me a girl, feminine, 'she' or anything of the sort, and I will hurt you.  - Finn
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 I am sitting here in half my LARP kit, wondering why my suitcase for going home has all my clean socks in it, and cursing the fact that I can't do any washing before 2pm tomorrow. 

...I hate house viewings. 

[Mal is also here, though he's more grumbling about the scarring in our left earlobe and poking me about going to bed. Hypocrite.]
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