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Yes, I know it's late. In my defence, character death.

- End of Maelstrom. Just...my first ever larp system, and it's gone.
- Mal's death (sort of). Selfishly, I wanted something more epic for him. On the other hand, it worked so very well.
- Recovering-from-illness, so slightly knocked for six when OC.
- Finding out how much of the game we'd missed out on.
- Not getting closure on a couple of plotlines.
- End of Maelstrom. It goes on there twice because argh.

- Pretty much everything else. Really awesome event.
- Coughing blood at people (even if that didn't last very long).
- Misunderstandings and being told off for being in love with Rachida/Gin (no, no, and no).
- Aislynn being around again. Drunken realisations about Essen's name.
- Benediction and the potion.
- So very almost getting the sacrifice ultimatum.
- Danger dinner with the CMiH.
- Actually getting to call damage on the undead, Mal actually getting a couple of kills (though they were on monsters).
- 'I know a guy who might be able to sacrifice.' 'So do I.' 'I think we might know the same guy.'
- The courtship gift, and the last of the Tritoni. Swearing vengeance for that (even if never managed to fulfil it).
- 'A life for a fucking life!'
- Soulspeech and the apology.
- 'I'm proud of you, lass.'
- In general, getting a death that allowed Mal to say goodbye to people (hell, his realisation that people actually cared), and the fact he got to go to the Huntress.
- 'We'll give him a Scholar's funeral.' 'He's CMiH, we burn him.' and the other roleplay around what to do with the corpse.
- Finding out that the Gods were Gods, and that the souls of the dead did go to Heaven. Almost teared up OC at getting that confirmation.
- Finding out that sacrificing people to the Huntress would have worked. A soul for a soul, indeed.
- The fallout of the potion mixup.
- Actually getting back on the field (after going to sleep for a few hours) and being able to enjoy the last day and a bit.
- Tarragon on Tear and Flame.
- The fight in the woods. Actually getting some hits in on the gianthugemonsterthing (before being knocked down and stabbed by it).
- Surgery finishing with one second left on the bleedcount.
- Getting an almost perfect ending for a character who'd basically found his backstory a couple of hours into hitting play.
- Finding out all the delicious FOIP.
- Empirefroth.
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