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Which is not to say I/we haven't been doing stuff - far from it, in fact. We've been so bloody busy with things (and brainweasels, sad-to-say, but let's not dwell on that bit) that updating's slightly fallen by the wayside. So , this time you get two event reports instead of one.

Delegation Report


- neck and shoulder freezing up, making turning head to the left somewhat impossible.
- bedroll not entirely working at making floor any more comfortable (not a problem on the second night, as slept on chairs)


- Pretty much everything?
- Makeup trick working awesomely
- Really bloody good food and drink, and excellent company
- having massive amounts of angst and for once getting past the 'I am taking peoples' attention away from main plot' brainfail
- Flame at parties is Big and Clever
- Getting out of your skull on vodka at parties (IC) is also Big and Clever
- Being told that part of [FOIP suggestion] hadn't been thought of before and was potentially a good idea.
-Leg physrep holding up far better than previously at events
- IC hypocrisy on so very many levels (hello that drugs discussion)

Ornithocracy Act 1 Report


- Alex falling badly in the fight (glad you're doing better now, mate)
- Throwing self backwards and landing awkwardly on my leg: not nearly as bad as above-mentioned injury, but the bruises are interesting
- Logisticsness meaning we couldn't get a piece of plot done this Parliament
- Bottling slightly with regards to challenging someone
- Not making a note of my brief, so having to go ask the refs for it
- Not getting to do any of my songs
- Slight OCbrainargh r.e. the content of one of the missions
- Having to go home straight after, and thus missing all the froth/OC socialising


- Having a completely amazing time
- Last-minute kit and makeup actually working (though may poke Alex r.e. makeupness next event)
- Finding the character's voice and mannerisms coming through incredibly easily after about fifteen minutes of working at it.
- Getting wounded so very many times ('What have you done to yourself this time, brother?')
- Successfully creeping people out (and being complimented on it OC afterwards)
- Being part of a family group with people I'd definitely count as friends OC. Didn't realise how much I'd enjoy that until we hit play
- Poking/annoying/trolling/generally being a Jay at people
- Going on adventures for the hell of it
- Getting a grudge to carry through to next Parliament (though given who the player of my enemy is, Illario is probably going to die horribly)
- Just...most of the event, pretty much
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